Thursday, October 27, 2005

is rain bad for an ibook?

how the word fat could apply to me in any way is a mystery to me, but thanks ben, i would love to have gone. caitlin will just have to wait a little longer. and jody my friend, interesting that you would make reference to zooropa there, because i just read a lengthy interview with bono in rolling stone, and he and i agree that the best u2 song is "stay". he and i share the belief that Passengers is one of their finest albums, and now that I think about it, i listen to way too much melancholy music.

and another thing about caitlin, ben. big boobs do nothing for me anymore. at a certain point, you know, there they are, and you can do some things with them and all, but really, they don't serve a great deal of purpose. maybe this is a cyclical thing, and later in life i will become breast obsessed, lord knows i've been there before, but my tastes have become so much more refined. i have just now officially become uncomfortable referencing your girlfriends boobs on a public sphere, especially since i have never actually spoken to or seen this person. don't hate me caitlin, ben and jody started all this, and if i don't continue it, my heterosexuality will be questioned, and we can't have that now can we.

speaking of which, the aesthetic appeal of the ibook may impart an aesthtic appeal to the owner of the machine as well. twice now, my computer has been an "in" for a girl at linnea's to initiate conversation. so now, it never leaves my side, i've devised a holster for it that i sling around my hips to give me quick draw abilities at any approach of a foxy coffeehouse patron.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the doctor is in

i am the relationship doctor. do you have any questions about your relationship that you would like answered? pose them to me, and i will amaze you. i will amaze you with how little i actually know about what girls want. and this utter lack of understanding will force a realiztion on your part that you are much better off in your difficult situation than i could possibly be, and immediately you will know what to do to make things right. well to be precise, you will know what not to do. you see i am more of a relationship shaman. my mysterious incantations and utterly meaningless gibberish will put you into a dream-state, and in this hyper-aware state, the truth that you seek will come to you, though it will be the literal opposite from any actual advice that i am liable to blurt out without thinking. hit me up. i'll cruise on by and fix you up.
-dr housman

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Week from heaven, week from hell

you know what? a week can see a whole lot of things happen. quickly. you can, for example, have the week that i had which started off absolutley fucking great. it ended in quite literally the exact opposite way. how about that? in fact, the week was bookmarked with diametrically opposed sundays. i have always hated sunday. i always will.
hey, i don't know if you guys check the internet from the emerald isle, but jody, ben, nic-i got the voicemail. wow i wish that i was there with you guys. you should really have pressured me to finish school sooner so that i could be with you right now. it is all your fault. how different would today have been? probably a whole lot better. you all sound drunk by the way. seriously though, i really needed that phone call, it came at a great time. why were you all so concerned with the size of caitlin's boobs by the way? since you were drunk i will remind you that all you did was sing about how you wish that i was there, and that caitlin has huge tits. weirdly it sounded like josh was in the background.
to anyone else reading this, sorry that my blogs are so vanilla even when they do come, but i have massive writer's block. i will do my best, stay with me. oh and jody, here are some of the good pics that i took at the recording sesh. enjoy

Sunday, October 09, 2005

social disadvantages of the impaired

Oh god. Dad. Fucking Google image search ruined my Kevin Costner is my dad fantasy.

Big Sur ist rad

What is awesome is when you are at Linnea's and the song that is also the ringtone used by your phone is playing on the cafe stereo, and then your phone rings, so your phone is also playing the same song and then everyone looks at you like, "oh great your phone is playing the same song as the cafe" and then you fumble to answer your phone, but drop it instead and then can't reach it, so it just keeps ringing and ringing, or rather playing and playing, and now everyone thinks that you are letting it ring on purpose, but then just when it can't get any worse, the song on the cafe stereo and your phone's song have linked up in a weird sort of harmony, and it actually sounds kind of rad now, but then your phone stops ringing. Ha Ha, embarrassing.