Wednesday, December 21, 2005

marion berry is still alive?

i am such a geek. never before...ok, not since top gun came out in 1986, did i have even a faint inkling of patriotism, but son of a bitch if the nation's capital hasn't made me (gulp) proud to be an american? yeah, i teared up a bit at the world war II memorial. the actual declaration of independence, the honest to god constitution? how could i not be moved? actually, it was places like the treasury, agriculture, and commerce department buildings that seem important, i guess because things that ostensibly shape the laws governing my behavior are going on inside them, but whatever the reason, i love washington d.c. i also love benjamin and his lovely lady caitlin. more gracious hosts i could not possiblly imagine. benjamin thank you for the use of the digital camera and the air bed and caitlin. wait, you knew about that right?
seriously though people, go to washington d.c. go ahead and go right now.

this christmas marked the official return to my having christmas with a family. and christmas with this new family (my aunt's common-law husband's actually) reminded me greatly of family christmasses in the past. a good deal of anger, bickering, and awkward gift-receiving. the award for the most unexpected gift given goes to my aunt's boyfriend steve- a 2 million candlepower flashlight that you wield like a big handgun, with a trigger and everything. i never knew how much i needed one of those until i charged the battery and lit up the ocean beach neighborhood at three a.m.

to finish with my recap of the past few weeks, i spent a day in los angeles on the way home from san diego, and decided to go see 'the ringer', starring johnny knoxville as a pretend retard trying to win the special olympics. 'the ringer' is unequivocally the worst movie ever made. there is no doubt. quite a relief actually, knowing that i have finally seen the apex of shitty movie-making. i recommend that anyone reading this go see it, that way we can all have an idea of how bad a movie can be, even when it has one of the most promising premises imaginable.