Saturday, February 18, 2006

what about the jews? is affirmative action effective? are you seeing anyone?

eat, drink, get undressed. walk, sleep, think, talk. listen to music, watch movies, drink wine. play with cats, walk the beach. eat at restaurants, attend lectures, draw pictures. brush teeth, do laundry, stare out the window, drive through the country. make love, read sartre, throw rocks at tree stumps. listen to npr, put on deodorant, water the plants, take digital photos, curse the president. cry, write research papers, drink beer in the afternoon. sautee mushrooms, change the oil, ponder the progress of science. wash the dishes, go to matinees, envy those more fortunate. wear sweaters, juggle, drink coffee on sunday mornings. nap, think, argue. walk in the rain, pay taxes, change your life.