Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scottish single malts can be so "peaty"

Really, I don't know what brought this on. Blogging again I mean. In all probability, this will be a shortlived pursuit. But I digress...

I am now living in San Francisco. I start grad school in about one month. I still really, really miss France, and Paris especially. Not a day passes without a wistful stare into space while my mind gleefully replays images of waking up in Paris, with weeks to spare and no responsibilities. I of course work in a french bistro in the Noe Valley neighborhood of the city, which is a bit like SLO, if SLO had decreed that nothing but Victorian houses and gay men with small dogs were within the city planning's grand, uh, plan. My bosses are Parisian, and the head chef has only one hand. I pay way too much for a room in a nice house in a forgettable neighborhood in the "outer mission," also known as the excelsior. There is a man raising roosters in a house several doors down from me, and I can only assume they are cockfighting birds.


Justin Cooley said...


Apropos of our conversation the other day, I can't think of a single good reason why anybody would willingly move to Missouri. Just keep that in mind, ok?

Dude, get on jabber.

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