Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It was very, very windy at the top of the mountain. I could not find that fucking dog anywhere. I was blowing the dog whistle constantly. I was going to have to return down the trail with no dog. How would I explain to the lovely family who were housing Margaret and I that we had lost their dog? I was asking myself all these questions when the damn dog appeared, behind me somehow, ready to head for home. I put her on the leash and triumphantly walked back to our hosts. For dinner: Curried Cauliflower. Pakorda of onion, potato, carrot. Jasmine rice. Falafels. Elderberry Wine. After dinner: Whisky, Guiness, Scottish Folk music. I crawled up to the attic to sleep and to digest three days' bizarre combination of food. Margaret stayed downstairs with the husband and wife and their madolines, harmonicas, and flutes. is a wonderful site that allows you to create a profile, and then to send that profile to a fellow couchsurfing site member in an area that you want to visit. If they like you, you can stay with them, for free, for up to two nights. Margaret and I found the greatest family on the planet, I recommend that you check it out.


Anonymous said... allows you to get into direct contact with people who may or may not murder you in the dark of night whilst in their foreign country home.

Bill Eseltine said...

Yea, but what you going to do?

Justin Cooley said...

Remember when Charlton Heston told us that "HAGGIS...IS MADE OF HOUSMAN"?

Justin Cooley said...

Also, "whilst"

Anonymous said...

"From the heart of divinity comes the soul of youth"
So continue your journey, "Si pierdes el perro, chinga lo" and move on. Jealousy is rampant and time is finally catching up. Your growth is evident and your tone matured. This is your time and only yours, so revel, gloat, and bask in the glory of achievement. But return with humility, wisdom, and most importantly compassion. Because somewhere on your road, amidst all the pain, self absorption, and struggle you lost the true path toward that illumination you have sought. However, I think you may be stumbling upon it now, and all of us (including Mr. Sabo) will be better off having you as a friend.